Summer Class Essentials + Essentials Wishlist!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

It’s that time of the year again! You know, when you get to enjoy the beach, sip cool and refreshing drinks, go on endless adventures, and go swimsuit-shopping crazy – all in your head because you have to be in school and study. Yep, summer class.

Actually, this is my first time ever to enroll in summer classes so I’m very excited to share with you my idea of summer class essentials! I’ve never mentioned this before but the thought of back to school? DRIVES ME INSANE. In a good way. Because school supplies, right? Why else. Anyway, here are my summer class essentials:

ORGANIZATION IS KEY. Okay. This part isn’t summer-exclusive, but in order to survive school, one must learn the art of organization – in schedules, class materials, everything! I don’t even need to elaborate. It’s just the way to go.

Planner- Use it as a guide and your non-animate secretary for class schedules and reminders of due dates, test dates, life events, etc. I use mine all the time and it basically is my life. It is just so helpful in staying organized with dates and reminders especially when they are school-related.

Highlighters- !!! A MUST HAVE. I loooove to color-coordinate. Be it with my planner or my notes, I always find a need to highlight. TIP: On my notes, I highlight very important details for quick access/recap. On my planner, I like to assign different colors for different types of reminders – general reminders, homeworks due, quiz/recitation dates, exams dates, life events, and school events.

Sticky notes- Need to find that page later quickly? Have additional notes somewhere in your books? Want to put a reminder on that desk, door, chair, drawer, etc? No problem. Sticky notes got you covered.

Binder/Expanding folder/Folders/Envelopes- Listen child, you want to keep ALL your hand-outs, test papers, or any other school papers in one place for best access. These papers may serve as your reviewer/references for future tests. Plus, some teachers give bonus points to students with complete class materials at the end of the sem/term (in some cases). Better be prepared.

Binder/Paper clips, Staplers & Punchers- Of course, you will need to separate or group certain papers at some point in your school life. Gotta have these on standby, no buts.

In this tropical country where the sun is king, we faithful subjects need to make adjustments. If you want to step out of the house without getting toasted and tortured, I think the following are needed.

Deodorant- We will sweat like a hundredfold in these extra hot days so save yourself from embarrassment and never forget this! (My favourite deo product is by Secret with ‘Platinum Protection’ in Spring Breeze. Works like magic.)

Lotion & Lip balm- I have really dry body skin so I cannot leave the house without it. If I do, I’m pretty much fried. Also, I have occasional lip-irritation/dryness so lip balms are a must have for me. (Currently I am using Baby Lips Electro pop in watermelon. As for the lotion, I use whatever as long as it’s moisturizing.)

Umbrella- Unless you want to get burned, you need this.

Towels/Hankies- Again, we’ll probably sweat way more than usual, so it’s good to have extra towels and hankies to save the day!

Powder- I like to apply powder on my after drying my skin sometime in the middle of the day. It makes me feel fresh and clean (and dry!) especially after sweating. While I have dry body skin, I have oily facial skin for some reason. For the record, I do not use cosmetic face powder (like the photo shown). I prefer loose baby powder for both my face and back.

Hand fans & Hair ties- Again with the sweating. Helps a lot.

Hand sanitizers- Can’t allow dirty hands, whatever the season!

Ahh, here we are. The following items are essentials for me that I currently do not own.

Sunnies- Well the surroundings in this season are almost always too hot or too bright. Save your eyes, guys! I broke mine ages ago so I definitely need a new one ASAP!

Nivea Lip Butter- As I’ve said, I get occasional lip-irritations and guess what, now is one of those days! I like to massage my lips at night with soothing gel/lip balm but lately they don’t seem to help. I’ve read good reviews on this so I’m hoping so get one soon.

Water Bottle- Probably the most important of all. In these days when the sun is almost sucking the life out of us, it is VERY IMPORTANT to STAY HYDRATED. We need to recover more or as much as the water we lose in sweating, so it’s best to carry around a filled water bottle for whenever we need it. THIS IS DEFINITELY AT THE TOP OF MY SHOPPING LIST!

What are YOUR summer essentials?
Happy summer!

DISCLOSURE: I am in no way affiliated to the above-mentioned brands/products. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.

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  1. Aw, I miss school! Although I never really experienced summer classes (I'm lazy like that) but this post just made me want to go to national bookstore and buy a bunch of school supplies. Hehe! :)

    1. I just went there! I start classes tomorrow. Haha. I think no matter how much students say they want to leave school, our hearts will always miss it! :)

  2. Aww, this is really cute! You prolly didn't expect that reaction but, gosh, it makes me feel so old to miss student feels! So with you on the highlighters!

    1. I know!!! Highlighters are definitely must-haves I don't even know how other students remember things without them, haha! Thank you for your comment, and I'm sorry my reply took soooo long!