I got my phone back!

Sunday, October 04, 2015

About two weeks ago, during the day, when I was hurrying to get to school, the most unexpected and life ruining thing happened: my phone drowned in a dirty, stinking gutter. Ouch, I know. Here in the Philippines, dirty, stinking gutters are everywhere like a trend, but I never imagined me being so careless as to dropping an iPhone there one day. But I did. 

Anyway, as I was a little bit denial that my phone did decide to take a little dip (because I never saw it fell. I just felt something near my foot and an old lady behind me told me something dropped from me, probably my bag), I ran back inside the house to check the contents of my bag and to see if I left my phone somewhere. And yes, it wasn't there. I ran back outside, nervous that I did drop it. Inside my head I was all OMG MY FILES!!! MY SCHOOL FILES!!!! MY SELFIES!!!! Yep self, how very devastating.

I wasn't brave enough to dunk in my hands in search for my phone. I was a little pabebe but to my defense, the gutter was really dirty and my school uniform is all-white. Luckily, a street kid was kind enough to hear my silent pleas and sacrificed his hand for me. Of course I didn't ask him to do it, but he did it suddenly and I had no time to argue especially when he really got it. So with my hanky in my hands (bye hanky, you will be remembered) I took my phone and washed it first under faucet. Yes, another round of water therapy for my phone, very brilliant indeed! But like I said the gutter was terribly dirty so I just had to do it. Once I dried it in a towel (bye towel, you too will be remembered) I put it aside and searched for ways possible. The internet told me to shut it down immediately to stop more damage and should work fine if done properly. But I couldn't! The phone's going crazy as I lost some time being denial about the whole thing before actually saving it. Lol

Fast forward, after two days of "uncooked rice therapy", I brought my phone to a repair shop at the mall. I was never really a fan of repair shops. I always think they'll overcharge me and still not get the job done. But as a business student, of course I made sure that didn't happen. I negotiated the price as much as I can and being a student helped - the perks! Haha. After multiple trips to their shop I finally got it yesterday, with brand new battery and brand new LCD (both I checked and watched the process) for only Php 3,000! Talk about a good deal especially that I have a 5s gold 32gb worth 40K plus which hasn't been 2 years with me. One thing though, my finger print sensor won't function anymore. This is actually fine by me. Everything's intact and working, and my files are all present, so there's not much to complain.

Overall I am just happy to be using my phone again and that repair shops aren't bad at all! Sometimes you just need a little sales talk, negotiating *skillz*, and a facade that suggests "Nope repairman, don't try to trick me I'm watching you" so that you won't get fooled or overcharged. Though, I hope I never have to visit another one again because of a phone trying to swim. ;)

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  1. Oh my! My 5s also decided to take a dip in the toilet a few months ago. With no hesitation, I dunked my hands to get it right when I saw it. Mygad! Thankfully though nothing happened. Although sometimes it lags, but I'm not sure if it's because of the many software updates na. Haha. Anyway, it's my first time here. I like the way you write. Will surely bookmark your blog :)

    Alyssa of www.alyssanity.com