The Sunday Currently Vol 5

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Two posts in a day, yay! Well that's because it's a Sunday, which means another round of TSC posts. Also, it's cuddle weather here in Davao, which makes blogging very likely with a mug of hot drink hmm.

Okay. The intro line might suggest it but no, this isn't a carefree sunday for me. I just finished summarizing a month's worth of lessons for two of my subjects and now I must read them again. I have them sitting beside me giving me time as I procrastinate and weigh the pros and cons of life. Haha

This post. Well speaking of writing, I just remembered that I have a paper due tomorrow! Wow what. Anyway, see how blogging helps you with your studies?

Rihanna's Take a Bow with the rain outside as background music.

About how the eff I'm going to finish all these shitload of school work when tomorrow's already Monday and I've done nothing productive. ugh

Still nothing. Everytime I write TSC posts my nose is either clogged or I have nothing to smell.

The exams would just go away and stope threatening students' lives.

An oversized white round-neck tee I got from a college seminar, and my comfy Nike shorts.

My phone! More than ever! I'm never dropping you again! Haha I got new screen protectors for it too earlier today.

To study and be prepared for the exams. Also, I need money because I'm broke. Always broke. The only thing constant about me: being broke. Lol

Can't decide what I want to write as my "want" right now. This happens when you have so many wants but can't decide which one you want most because all of them are equally unrealistic. aww sobs

A little cold because of the weather. Also, my back hurts. :/

Through all these tabs when I only need to close them and focus. Can't help it I am currently watching Harry Potter online. :p

So that's it! How's your Sunday? :)

*The Sunday Currently is originally a link-up by Siddathornton, which I found through Wild-Spirit.*

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  1. LOL at exams threatening the lives of students! You can do it, dear!! And oh, you got a nice blog too! :)